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nimko combined

SuperCrisp Nuts & Nimko

Enjoy delicious flavors with each other – that’s where our nuts and nimko stand. The simple combination of spice, freshly baked nuts in Sunseed oil naturally lower in saturated fats, and the best flavours.


Our famously fresh ‘Super Crisp Salted Peanuts’ are carefully picked, expertly fried and watchfully packed. They are the perfect snack with all nutritional values and a touch of crisp every soul desires for.

Daal Mong

A pack of prime selected grains, crisped and fried, ‘Super Crisp Daal Moong’ is a perfect choice around the clock. Made with finest ingredients, it has all goodness of nature and taste carries irresistible appeals towards all age groups


A unique fusion of finest maze and nuts ‘Super Crisp Nimko Mix’ is prepared with fine ingredients and carefully measured spices. This scrumptious and lip-smacking snack is a perfect treat for all ages and all tastes, adding delight in moments.

Whole Pistachios

If you read up on any diet regime, it will always tell you to eat a handful of dry fruits so, keeping the benefits and nutritional values safe ‘Super Crisp Whole Pistachios’ is a pack full of health. Carefully picked, shell roasted pistachios gives you the goodness of health blended well with the splendid taste.

Cashew Nut

Prime quality selected Cashew nets, roasted and salted for a tantalizing new taste are a love. Pack of ‘Super Crisp Cashew nuts’ is a pack of nutrition and tempting taste for all time.

Brand Award

Awarded with the Brand Award for Quality!

Consumer Award

Consumer’s choice award 2011 for excellence in Quality & Taste.

You cant hide the crunch!

A blend of perfect flavors with which you just cant hide the crunch!

Halal & Hygiene

100% Certified halal ingredients, made by MUSLIMS from Fresh Potatoes & VEGETABLE OIL.