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chips combined

SuperCrisp Chips

Enjoy delicious flavors with each other – that’s where our chips stand. The simple combination of sliced ​​potatoes from the field, fried in light vegetable oil naturally lower in saturated fats, and the best flavors.

BBQ Crinckles

A unique combination of great taste and quality natural potatoes, carefully picked and monitored under international standards, rolled in an all time favorite snack. The bold Barbecue flavor and unique crinkle shape of ‘Super Crisp Barbecue Crinkled’ prepared in quality Palm Olein make the most crunchy and lip smacking bite of an oven-fresh chips ever.


Add cheese in your habitual excitement and kick off your woes with the most delicious and demanded finest potato chips, which is quite in cheese flavor. ‘Super Crisp French Cheese’ offers you the royal prestige and takes you to the streets of cheese land. Pure vegetable oil and carefully picked potatoes adds to the nutrition essential for the body.

Plain Salt

Taste’s as simple as a tickle of a plain salt over a freshly fried 100% natural potato chips, irresistible. Very household taste so, enjoy this wonderful flavor.

Hot n Spicy

Striking a perfect balance between hot and spicy, ‘Super Crisp Hot n Spicy’ carries a perfect savor to sizzle any moment. Farm fresh potatoes are picked and prepared with the finest spices flavor and vegetable oil to give the taste buds a perfect hot shock and exceptionally rich crunchy treat to the mouth!


Each chip has tons of cheerful ketchup flavor with the goodness of pure vegetable oil and natural farm potatoes. Together they all give a tempting flavor to taste buds and a crunchy treat to mouth, ‘Super Crisp Ketchup’ is hard to resist.

BBQ Plain

Core heartedly packed, natural fresh potatoes, blended with mouth-watering Barbeque flavor is what temptation even desires for. Super Crisp Barbecue’s scrumptious flavor and the super crunch drive you to enjoy your fantasy with good nutrition values. Quality ingredients in chaste environment convert potatoes into crispy snacks for all times.

Plain Salt

Everything that comes to mind when you bite ‘Super Crisp Plain Salt’ is wandering in a potato field with your senses alert to enjoy nature. With a pinch of salt every chip gives a soothing flavor to tongue and adds a tender feel to every moment. Made in pure Palm Olein Oil , a blend of taste and all nutritional values is what one can be in search off.

Brand Award

Awarded with the Brand Award for Quality!

Consumer Award

Consumer’s choice award 2011 for excellence in Quality & Taste.

You cant hide the crunch!

A blend of perfect flavors with which you just cant hide the crunch!

Halal & Hygiene

100% Certified halal ingredients, made by MUSLIMS from Fresh Potatoes & VEGETABLE OIL.